ClickXPosure represents the online marketing division of OneIMS: Integrated Marketing Solutions. We research, customize, and apply the most effective, current strategies in web development, online marketing, geotargeting and more to help you develop and expand a comprehensive online marketing campaign. The result? Increased online visibility and a larger client base.

ClickXPosure is committed to providing quality service
ClickXPosure offers online marketing solutions that will secure prominent placement for your company in today’s most widely used search engines. We are committed to providing quality service specific to your needs, to help you achieve optimal web ranking, an enhanced client base and much more.


Why ClickXPosure?

Navigating through the ever-changing landscape of the online marketing industry can be confusing and costly for business owners. Our seasoned creative and technical team will put the full weight of their knowledge and expertise to work in order to help you avoid common online marketing pitfalls and develop an effective, efficient campaign. We will:

Don’t limit the potential of your business. Let us help you develop a powerful online marketing plan to bring interested prospects to your business! To learn more, contact ClickXPosure today.