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Five Tips for SEO in 2014

Every year, search engine optimization seems to change in some ways. Here are five helpful tips for you to keep track of how…
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3 Reasons Your Site Needs New Content for Search Engine Optimization

Magnetic content improves your standing with search engines and users alike. image source While search engines have always stressed the importance of building…
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Using Google Authorship to improve your SEO

Have you Googled something and noticed that some of the search results that come up have pictures next to them? More results show…
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Did Google Penguin affect your site’s search ranking?

What is Google Penguin? On April 24th 2012, Google released a new search engine algorithm update called “Penguin.”  Google engineer Matt Cutts published…
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What is Black Hat SEO?

Many businesses with websites are engaging in search engine optimization (SEO) these days to ensure that their site ranks highly in search engines…
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How Varied Content Can Help You Stay on Top of Google’s Search Engine Rankings

If you haven’t heard, Google recently announced that it was making changes to its ranking algorithm. Essentially, the purpose of these changes is…
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The Importance of Investing in Search Marketing

If your business or organization doesn’t directly depend on your website for business, chances are that you are neglecting your online presence. A…
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